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Hi, I'm Kris. I'm a Landscape and Nature Photographer (mostly) and I focus on locations in Wisconsin (mostly). I've been fascinated by photography for over 30 years and love to use my images to share some of the beautiful, peaceful and awe-inspiring experiences I've had in nature.

Hiking and camping are also passions of mine - which combines well with photography because a lot of time and miles are often necessary to get to certain photo opportunities. I started hiking when I lived in Boulder, Colorado after college. I had access to amazing trails just a few miles from my home. Rocky Mountain National Park was just a short drive away.

When I moved to Wisconsin, I initially thought the landscape couldn't possibly compare to the Rockies. But after living here for over 25 years, I've found a different kind of beauty in the rolling hills, deep forests and the Great Lakes. I currently spend a lot of time hiking the Ice Age Trail and am toying with section hiking the whole things.

I often take my fluffy little adventure dog with me. Bella's most challenging hiking achievement so far is completing the Devi's Lake (Spirit Lake) Loop. This is about 5 miles with lots of elevation changes as you go from the beaches to the bluffs.

A few other fun facts about me...

1. Bella and I enjoy living part-time van life. The longest we've been on the road is one month. We would go longer, but I have to do something about my darn job.

2. When I'm not out hiking or camping, I enjoy my home full of plants, books and art - including some of my own landscape and nature images.

3. I'm a Generation X woman and I think getting older is great! (I mean, consider the alternative!!!) My generation started out as cynical slackers, but now we're described as active, happy and entrepreneurial. I definitely relate to that.

4. I have two wonderful adult kids who enjoy rock climbing, hiking and camping, so I feel like I did a pretty decent job teaching them a love of the outdoors.

No matter where you live, I hope you see how special your local environment really is and if you see me and Bella out on the trail, please say hi!